Construction is a natural synergy of our commercial and industrial trades capabilities, and the local and global construction experience of our Directors. We know construction, inside and out.

From our Directors, to our on-site tradies, everyone has a background of being ‘on the tools’ and knows exactly what it’s like to run a build project well. We fuse this practical knowledge with an energy for innovation, so each build inherits the best of the past, and the future.

Our team works closely with you and manages the entire construction process with clarity, vision and purpose:

We pride ourselves on precision planning, upholding the mantra ‘no surprises’.

We maximise opportunities and reduce risk in this all-important stage, through all facets of the build – from budgeting, safety, contract administration and specifying, to efficient site management and environmental protection.

All tenders and estimates undergo significant cross-assessment from our quantity surveyors, project managers, and logistics, engineering and drafting teams from all divisions.

We only entertain solutions that stand the test of time and create rewarding, impressive results.

Our Directors then personally analyse and approve all tenders and estimates, bringing an extra layer of ‘hands-on’ trades experience and executive nous to every job.

Safety is at the core of all of our operations.

Kennedys has an impressive safety record and reputation for sound risk management. We empower every team member to share in the responsibility of keeping our sites safe for all.

Our project plans have concurrent waterfalls – the build, and quality control. Rather than a rushed operation at the end of the build, our defect identification is a continuous quality assurance check throughout the project.

Any issues are rectified quickly and systematically.

We are driven by the goal to hand over a defect-free project that exceeds expectations – enabling our clients to instantly activate and enjoy a high-calibre space.

Post-handover phase is another opportunity to show you the Kennedys Group difference.

We deliver immaculate after-care in many forms:

  • Our comprehensive Client Handover Manuals outline all the important information about your building, making future developments much easier to implement.
  • You are connected with a client manager – a single point of contact who is available to advise on your building’s needs, and activate our in-house maintenance teams to keep your utilities and building systems running efficiently.
  • We inform you of advancements in industry and technology, so your space can benefit from improved efficiency, sustainability, and health, well into the future.
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Let’s see what we can build together.

Contact Richard MacDonald, Director of Construction and Interiors and Fitout here to discuss your next project.